Australia and New Zealand

Business First Class Airfares to Australia

Travel Tek is one of the few agencies to be able to offer heavily discounted business and first class airfares to Australia and New Zealand with Qantas and Air New Zealand. Qantas and now most flights with Air New Zealand have sleeper seats in business class a much appreciated amenity on the long flights. Any domestic connections are in first class.

Business fares with American/Qantas or United Air New Zealand will generally run in the upper $4000s to low $6000s. Several particularly good deals involve using first class for the return flight.

We are also able to offer heavily discounted fares with United to Australia. Fares from the West Coast generally fall in the upper $4000s.

As with the discount business class, Europe any of the other worldwide destinations or otherwise cheap tickets round the world tickets will accrue full mileage.

Stops in Fiji or Tahiti may offer opportunities for even lower fares, particularly with American and Qantas.

For more information or a specific fare quote, please contact us with your inquiry.


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