Discounted Business Class to Europe

For European destinations, we can utilize a wide selection of carriers and originate travel in any city worldwide for both first and business class, Europe flights. Fares will vary depending upon the destination and carrier used, but we are able to offer significant discounts with carriers such as United/Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Delta/Air France, SAS, American Airlines, British Airways, Northwest/KLM, Alitalia and others.

Fares to Europe can vary widely, but typically will run from the upper $2000s to mid $4000s in business class for most itineraries depending upon the airline used and current availability. West Coast fares, in most cases, are higher than East Coast fares for transatlantic discount business travel.

For travel to Eastern European destinations there are in addition to the major carriers a number of local airlines offering good values in business class. Czech, Finnair, and LOT can be good low-cost alternatives, particularly with departures from the East Coast. Fares with these carriers will often fall under $2000 for round trips in business class.

When using business class to Australia, or some form of round the world discount routing we can occasionally include extra flight segments US - Europe at no additional cost.

For more information or a specific fare quote, please contact us with your inquiry.

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