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Discounted First Class Business Airfares

All tickets offered by Travel Tek are for confirmed first or business class discounted flights which are fully changeable and in almost all cases refundable. All tickets accrue full business/first class frequent flyer miles. Non-stop flights will be used whenever offered. At Travel Tek we do not work with mileage tickets or brokered air awards of any sort.

As all airline fares are in constant flux, it can be misleading to state specific and static sample fares for any particular destination. We are, however, able to consistently obtain discounts of at least 40-70% off the airlines’ regular published fares for any given itinerary. Whether you are looking for a simple business class to London, Europe, or a more complex business class around the world fare we can offer substantial discounts off the typical prices.

While restricted discount fares are generally not upgradeable, at Travel Tek we are able to offer business class tickets with all airlines that are upgradeable to first class. In addition, we can work with first class fares at substantial discounts for most airlines.

Click here for information on round the world and complex multi-stop itineraries.

Discounted domestic business and first class fares are also available with United, American, and Continental.


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